Alaska 2007: Iditarod Start and Elsewhere

Halibut & vegetable tempura - though the halibut really tasted like fish sticks This looks like some kind of field-expedient dog kennel you'd build in Iraq, not Alaska Brought to you by...Taco Bell? Resting up before the big race Iditarod fan, maybe That dog looks a little guilty... Mrs. Melobi says she doesn't like the dogs with the blue eyes - she thinks they're scary No, she didn't get her face frozen to the sculpture View of the "fake" starting line in downtown Anchorage Even just after noon, the sun was low in the sky Dog racing...straight to hell! I think that stretch Hummer took a wrong turn somewhere - surely it didn't bring anyone to the Iditarod start in Willow, Alaska The scene at the starting line Pre-race snack time Wouldn't those huge ears cause unnecessary wind resistance? The all-white dog team What are you looking at? The "real" start I didn't see anyone making offers Prime recruiting territory for Scientologists, I guess - they sure had nice jackets Aww... Second-to-last gas station on the Seward Highway Shifting ocean ice along the Seward Highway Run, little man! Cold day for a boat ride One of several unregistered guests at the Seward Military Resort Despite their high-falutin' sign, this place took cash only - no checks or credit cards