B Company - FOB Justice and the Tour of Baghdad

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The Warrior-Princess files her nails before dealing death on the streets of Baghdad This sign was hidden in the back of the FOB - maybe no one is supposed to know? SSG Dawg and SGT Boner examine the Super LOS Antenna - backup for the 8th Most Important Shot In Iraq(tm) "Time out" for SGT Boner - the punishment is terminating Ethernet cables This cat had some balls - literally - and would poop at our site and wander into peoples' rooms if you left the door open Another night at the RPOF (RAU Post Of the Future) I wrote about this scene earlier, when the SF guy (wearing civilian clothes) was giving a class on .50 caliber gunnery I'm glad this drink is suitable for all professions - I was worried. Notice also that it has "miscellaneous additives" in it. Tasty! Didn't look too "dangarous" - unless empty water cans are deadly War is hell One of the many fine stores operated by Iraqis - their main trade is pirated DVDs and video games "Coat Rack, Power Outlet, and Smoke Detector - In Triumvirate Balance" The T-62 A wide shot of me on the slimming T-62 View from the gunner's hatch The mighty Tigris River The Al-Rasheed Hotel Our Electronics Maintenance master here is astounded - astounded! - at the food and decor of the Al-Rasheed SPC C and SSG Jay get ready to storm the storefront PFC Kep and SPC C yuk it up in the Green Zone SPC C is trying to explain to this guy that he'll probably have a hard time selling American service medals to Americans God damn, could this be a recruiting poster or what? Chillin' in the shack at FOB Honor Here's a picture from my trip to Corsuscant; on the far right is the Imperial Senate or the Jedi Temple - the tour guide didn't say which The interior of the former Ministry of Defense building - legend has it that there was an unexploded Tomahawk missile in there