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What the hell is that? A "stove" you say? Tell me more about this "stove"... You'd think I was about to make kitty steaks out of him Baby goats are so cute, especially when their little umbilical cords are still hanging out. Note to self: dogs love goat milk Xteen sure hates her DVD player... ...so she puts a round into it! (the tiny hole below the disc tray is from a .22) Cutting loose with the awesome firepower of a Ruger 10/22 Who let her have a gun?! She's not done yet - time for the Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun That's a hurting unit And yet, despite her killer demeanor, she maintains her glamorous poise. (The ragged slashes in the top are from 9mm; the exit wounds in the back panel are from .22 hollowpoints, and the bumps on top are from 7 1/2 lead shot that didn't even penetrate the case) Brotherly love A crazed Iraq war veteran...! The Dinkydome She makes fun of me for eating it, but here she is with McDonald's ice cream I'm unique, just like everyone else (taken at IKEA)