The End

This piece of bonded ceramic composite would've stopped a rifle bullet, but thankfully I didn't need it "Are you not amused?!" The guidon of B Company - unfurled for maybe the last time The gathering All lined up and ready to leave A view of the lineup from the front Gus' victory pose Truck's all packed Kind of ironic that our vehicles were staged right between the Paladins on one side... ...and the Bradleys on the other (note that the 25mm gun barrels have been removed) A planeful of happy soldiers Out-the-window shots are so cliche - but look at those clouds! JoKur enjoys a "welcome-back" cigarette, with an F-15E in the background Bear looks into the sun under the gorgeous Wisconsin sky That's the best picture of JoKur of the whole trip The whole gang, standing on green grass once again The sign in the men's latrine at Ft McCoy CIF She said not to put this one up, so... 'nuff said B Company, fall in