Dog days at Liberty

The sad remnant of a camo net spreader, destroyed by one of our many nights of high winds Lay off the horn, dammit! You want to talk about "hillbilly armor"... SGT Fergie gets Jacked With the Stack Diesel fuel deformed my hand! On my morning commute Finally, we get recognition - our unit crest on display at the DFAC That's one ballsy sergeant first class to be riding around on a motorized scooter It's inventory time, so I have to count all these damn cables. They look harmless enough... ...but then they get pissed! The big guns that watch over us Cleaning the crap out of the air conditioners with a pressure washer You may fire when ready, commander I'm not going to be sad to get rid of that damn thing - 15 pounds of steel for what? This was the first time I fired it in 9 months War is hell