Deal with it

Pad 5 Lake at its most extensive Bradley crew at dinnertime 40mm grenades (HEDP foreground, green smoke background) Redbulls, hooah! (This type of decoration on vehicles is now illegal, per 3ID CG - no idea why) Another helicopter picture? At least we don't have to drive up-armored Chevy Z-71s Trying to make sense of the nest of wires coming into our site Another sunset over the DFAC As you can see, our maintenance sections has a very customer-oriented attitude; they work long hours, too JoKur and Wansch enjoy yet another stellar meal at the Tigerland DFAC JoKur loves this thing M2 Bradleys rolling out for another patrol This conex (sorry, "milvan") was supposed to have bottled water in it, but it looks like someone threw a grenade in there Crucial war supplies for the front My team chief blows the sand out of the air conditioner with an air compressor Gazing at the fish at the Division DFAC