Streets of rage

Broken glass in a former Iraqi intelligence service building The Iraqi Army rolls out in brand-new Mitsubishi pickup trucks. And yes, that is a machinegun (RPK or RPD?) in the back of the truck on the left The view from the tallest point at Justice Loading up the armored hoopty SSG P looking badass with his intra-vehicluar radio headset Warrior-Princess of B Company (taken at Butler Range) SPC C (right) struggles to get into his body armor, which is too small for him, making him look kind of retarded. I only posted this because he specifically directed me not to Naked kid, sheep, mud huts - on the way back from Butler Range Looks like Interstate 494 I guess this billboard is an advertisement for Baghdad International Airport - can you really fly out of there? I thought it was just for C-130s Our gunner (left) and driver (right) for the drive back from Butler - I didn't know you could make an armored Humvee do a power slide until I saw this guy drive I think we had to trade animal skins or beads or sexual favors to get those M240B machineguns Tools of the trade - notice the Mossberg 500 pump shotgun What's with all the Belgian ammo we're getting?