New adventures

This badass vehicle is a Fox - I believe it's German made. You can't see it but it has a remote-controlled M2 .50-caliber machinegun and Mk-19 40mm automatic grenade launcher in a turret up front. They don't play games The inside of the C-130 that took me to Kuwait That's a rook, not a crow, if you want to get technical Helicopter pictures never get old - and that's my gorgeous antenna Got that? Baghdad mosque from the air Baghdad cityscape Our site is quite the little fort now So prim and proper, even in her battle rattle Our hoopty for the day - #308 My view from the gunner's position My view from the gunner's position, while sitting down - this is somewhere in Baghdad FOB Justice's famous "Smiley Face Cafe" (used to be a portrait of Saddam, of course) Inside the Smiley Face Helloooooo, sauce! A billboard about some sort of election hotline (the woman is showing the blue ink on her finger that was used to mark those who voted in the January elections) The convoy returns to Camp Liberty